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jana is an avid stitcher, embroider, and artist; science dork; fabric collector; and bibliophile.  wears black on a daily basis to cheer  herself up. kills most of her plants when she looks at them, but remains hopeful.  following in the creative sewing footsteps of her very talented grandmother and great grandmother.   
has a sweetheart of 25+ years; no kids, no pets, no hassles.
things she digs:  honesty, generosity, conversations with little kids and older folk, sharp cheddar cheese, giving and receiving unexpected presents “just because”, textiles, buttons, sequins, highly detailed birdhouses, rickrack, glassblown beads, stained glass windows, solitude, cemeteries, self-reflection, lifelong learning, swinging on swings, afternoon naps.

things that scare her: big hairy spiders, clowns, dolls, feeling and expressing her feelings.

top movies: true romance, oldboy, scarface, charlie and the chocolate factory (the original), the fall, dirty harry, birdie, jump tomorrow, sympathy for mr. vengeance, dog day afternoon, the cell, the professional, the smell of burning ants.

favorite drinks: peppermint iced tea, ginger ale, a mongolian mother, or a mint mojito.  if she's driving, then a club soda with lime will do.  don't drive drunk, kids.  and drink your milk. 

what makes her ears happy:  her sweetheart snoring; deVotchKa; beirut; hot chip; very be careful; modest mouse; tones on tail; blancmange; leonard cohen; pixies; silversun pickups; peter, bjorn & john; mariza; ok go; amy winehouse; arcade fire; the fiery furnaces; beck; cold war kids; concrete blonde; the ting tings; tracy chapman; feist; siouxsie and the banshees; the magnetic fields; kraftwerk; etta james; love and rockets; rezwana choudhury bannya; cibo matto; the smiths; tapes n’ tapes; tv on the radio; that petrol emotion; the white stripes; friends of dean martinez; inxs (from way back when, not the new incarnation); thievery corporation; iron & wine; david bowie; lou reed; interpol; devo; antonio carlos jobim; rebekah del rio; sonny boy williamson; the walkmen; the caesars; nine inch nails; johnny cash; angelo badalamenti; joy division; the Korean language.

what makes her eyes happy: theresa, countess kinsky; trees and the shade they provide; gerbera daisies; roly poly bugs; animal watching; city lights at night; tombstones; fallen leaves; paint swatches; patricia arquette’s teeth; elevator buttons; putting the finishing touches on her artistic creations; seeing children and older folk walking together and holding hands.

what makes her nose happy: gingerbread boys and girls; olfactory hallucinations of her great-grandmother; flower shops; vanilla; licorice; peppermint; cardamom; freshly cut grass; oranges; lumber yards.

what makes her mouth happy: laughing; going to her dentist for regular checkups; coffee ice cream, butterscotch disks, Violet's cupcakes, sizzling rice soup; remaining silent; smiling at children; candy canes; raw, sliced, pickled, or candied ginger.

what makes her hands happy: handfuls of dmc thread; glass headed pins; fingering spools of madeira thread; bins of buttons; worsted wool; typing; sewing deep into the night; holding hands with her special someone. 


glitter soup studio
est. 2008